We are pleased to announce that our next five day workshop will be given by Doug Dawson. The dates are May 7-11 and will feature a demonstration given at our regular meeting on May 8. Doug will also serve as the judge for our exhibition at the Frameworks. The workshop will include some plein air experience. The cost is $625 and a $100 deposit. Download the workshop registration form (PDF) and mail with your check to:

Eileen France
13024 Garrett Lane
Apple Valley, MN 55124

Doug’s workshops are open to all levels from beginner to master. He discusses many topics such as color harmony, design, texture, use of edge, and organization. He uses demonstrations to illustrate principles and techniques that can take your artwork to the next level.

Past Workshops

Fred Somers Workshop, May 2-5 2017

Somers workshop

Somers workshop

Somers workshop

Somers workshop

Marc Hanson pastel workshop, September 6-8, 2016

Hanson workshop 1

Hanson workshop 2

Hanson workshop 3

Hanson workshop 4

Hanson workshop 5

Hanson workshop 6

Hanson workshop 7

Hanson workshop 8

Hanson workshop 9

Debora Stewart abstract workshop, April 2016

Stewart workshop 1

Stewart workshop 2

Stewart workshop 3

Stewart workshop 4

Stewart workshop 5

Stewart workshop 6

Stewart workshop 7

Stewart workshop 8

Stewart workshop 9

Stewart workshop 10

Stewart workshop 11

Barbara Jaenicke workshop, July-August 2015

The Lake Country Pastel Society had the good fortune to have Barbara Jaenicke in the Twin Cities for a 3 day workshop, July 31st, Aug. 1st and 2nd. The workshop was held at the Banfill Locke Art Center in Fridley. The workshop was full with 20 participants, 13 were from our membership and the other 7 were from around the cities and as far away as Chicago. It was a very successful experience for everyone. We enjoyed the workshop and Barbara sold all five of her paintings at the end of the last workshop day. She had brought three smaller pastels, and her two beautiful demos were also part of her sales.

She introduced us to her method of seeing 5 large abstract shapes in a landscape. We did a simple drawing of that and used nu-pastels to apply for a very colorful underpainting. We then applied rubbing alcohol and spread this throughout the underpainting with a bristle brush. The application of the soft pastels over this, allowed for the beauty and richness of the color and light to come through from the underpainting. The results were fascinating and we all walked away with great inspiration to continue our process of experimentation. The last day was a good exercise in minimal stroke experience. She had us do 4 studies of apples with only 20 strokes. Then, we moved on to 4 smaller landscape studies with only 75 strokes. It was both challenging and rewarding to take this exercise into practice.

Jaenicke demo 1

Jaenicke demo 2

Jaenicke demo 3

Jaenicke demo 4

Jaenicke demo 5

Richard McKinley workshop, August 2014

McKinley class 1

McKinley class 2

McKinley pastels

McKinley painting 1

McKinley painting 1

McKinley painting 1

McKinley painting 1

McKinley sketch

McKinley painting 2

McKinley painting 2

McKinley painting 2

McKinley painting 2

Lisa Stauffer workshop, February 2014

Stauffer class

Stauffer class 1

Albert Handell workshop, August 2013

Handell class

Handell class 1

Handell class 3

Handell class 4

Handell class 6

Handell class 7