Submitting images for the LCPS Member's Showcase

All LCPS members are entitled to have their own page in the LCPS showcase, featuring up to three images of their pastel work.

The images in the showcase are JPEG files, and have been resized so that the longer dimension, whether width or height, is 600 pixels. Images larger than this may be submitted, but they'll be resized to the standard size. Smaller images should not be submitted, because they'll lose quality when resized. DPI settings, if any, don't matter, because images will always be displayed pixel-for-pixel.

For each image, the painting's title should be provided. The dimensions of the original painting in inches will also be displayed if provided.

You should identify one of the images as your "featured" image. This one will appear as a small square thumbnail beside your name on the Showcase page, and will also go into the pool from which the ten home-page images will be randomly selected. Ideally, it will be an image from which a good square thumbnail can be derived: not unusually tall or wide in aspect ratio.

In addition to providing your name as you want it to appear at the top of your page, you may submit one or two more lines of information to go under your name, typically web site, email, and/or home city.

All of the images and supporting information should be sent to Mark Ellis, the LCPS webmaster, at